More than a brand

At Undisguised we hope to use this platform to education and bring awareness to the issues surrounding the textile industry. Working with sustainable fibres, partnering with ethical factories, and giving back to our people and our planet.

The textile industry measured as the second most polluting industry, responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emission, with 85% of all textile ending up in landfill, annually. Our mission is to disrupt the ‘old-school’ industry habits, with essentials that are consciously crafted, thru ethics and sustainability at our core focus.

Our Fabrics & Fibres Origin

At Undisguised we work with bamboo fabrications made from the wood pulp of Bamboo Stalks, encompassing many favourable characteristics that are potent in the world of sustainability

LOVE HEARTBamboo stalks are a natural renewable resource, the plant will regenerate creating cluters around it.

LOVE HEARTWithout the help of fertiliser boosters, Bamboo is known as the fastest growing plant, whilst needing just 1/3 of the water in which cotton needs to grow. Bamboo can typically thrive solely from rainwater.

LOVE HEARTThe bamboo plant has no common pests, meaning its growth is sprung organically, no pesticides or herbicides needed, unlike cotton.

LOVE HEARTA cluster of bamboo stalks releases 35% more oxygen than the equivalent in trees, along with absorbing more carbon dioxide.

LOVE HEARTThe bamboo fibre is a 100% biodegradable textile material, leaving behind no harmful pollutants to the environment.


We believe single-use plastic should be a thing of the past! Packaging that’s designed with as little waste in mind as possible. Working only with eco-friendly & biodegradable materials, using just the essentials to keep your items safe in transit.

Compostable Mailer Bags

Made from recycled materials - plant based polymer PLA (from corn starch!) & printed with vegetable-based inks, our 100% compostable mailers service those aesthetically pleasing desires whilst being guilt free! At the end of their use, simply cut the mailer bags into strips & add them to your compost bin, this will break down in just 3 months in a commercial composting facility or 6 months in a home compost bin.

Tissue Paper

Made from 100% recycled FSC Paper, meaning it has not contributed to deforestation. Our Tissue Paper is printed with vegetable-based inks, a natural process that uses renewable resources, having less impact on the environment & making the recycling process easier.


Our Eco-friendly stickers are made from 100% recycled FSC Paper & printed with vegetable-based inks, which in-fact release less emissions and absorb air pollution CO2 at production. Unfortunately, our stickers are not recyclable, so be sure to take them off when recycling the tissue paper.

Our Mission for 2024

Sustainability is such a key attribute of Undisguised, it’s a delicate journey we wholeheartedly embark on with the mission to improve! Transparency and awareness are an integral part of our ethos, it’s all in the name Undisguised.

Our goals for 2024:

LOVE HEARTIntroduce the use of natural dyes from renewable resources to our garment making process, striving for zero harm on our environment.

LOVE HEARTReduce our carbon footprint by implementing a carbon off-set scheme.

LOVE HEARTSource lace picot trims from a sustainable, natural fibre.

LOVE HEARTSource 100% biodegradable packaging

LOVE HEARTGrow our small brand whilst maintaining sustainability at the forefront of decision making.